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Urban design

Since its inauguration in 2005, OSPA ARQ&URB has been dedicated to carrying out projects in different scales and areas in Brazil. As of 2019, the company expanded its operations to the United States and Asia markets.

During all phases of project development, OSPA ARQ&URB's approach emphasizes collaboration between different disciplines to find optimal solutions, even amid the rapid changes of the contemporary era.

The integration of BIM technology, from the initial phases to the final details, provides a comprehensive understanding of projects, reducing errors and streamlining coordination. From the architecture of individual objects to urban planning, the company assumes responsibility for positively influencing people's lives through the creation and modeling of spaces.

What we do







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Urban Design




Analysis of the documentation provided by the client and the legislation, in order to guide the entrepreneur regarding the legal restrictions that may influence the design of the intended real estate product, in order to verify its market and economic viability.


Based on experience in developing multidisciplinary projects in BIM, along with agile management methodologies, we have improved our project development process.


Comprised of micro-steps, this process allows for greater involvement among all participants. This allows the work to be more linear, with shorter phases and faster validations, which, in addition to optimizing deadlines, also minimizes rework for the entire team.

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