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Study and Feasibility of Real Estate Product

Feasibility Studies, or Feasibility Studies, are the first step in the development of building design. We analyzed the pertinent legislation for the conception of the real estate product to be developed, demonstrating the intended result through the study of masses, zoning and areas, bringing the first financial indicators of the business.

Numerical and Master Plan Feasibility in Real Time

Carry out numerical studies and simulate preliminary volumetry and economic viability through PLACE. Then, we developed the volumetric study, where other design parameters are evaluated, making it possible to considerably improve the numbers obtained in the initial numerical study. Once the viability of the business has been verified, the development of the projects begins.

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A planning tool for a city or a small section of it, the masterplan is the first step in planning a new area, defining the identity and vocation of a place. Planning the phasing and implementation strategy of an urban project, aiming at the balance and success of each project.



We develop urban projects of different scales, from small urban sections to planned neighborhoods and cities, also working on the design of subdivisions and parks. Excellence in architecture and urbanism, combined with environmental and socioeconomic aspects, move us towards meeting the demands of the reality of each location, bringing quality of life, identity, diversity and vitality to the worked areas.

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Responsive Cities

Vocational Consulting

Based on research carried out by urban planners and data scientists, we recognize the territory's vocation and assist in assembling the plot of projects with a transforming urban impact.


Development of architectural projects of excellence, combining local legislation with the success of the enterprise, combining the best of contemporary architecture with innovation and disruption of concepts. Architecture with a holistic and multidisciplinary vision, aiming at the best result for the enterprise in its entirety, bringing architectural solutions to the compatibility of projects.


Responsive Cities


Firm Management for architecture offices
Beat Viability of real estate developments
Path Agile coordination for architecture projects
Clash Architectural project compatibility process


Interior architecture,
Landscaping and Signage

Architecture of the internal and external environments of a development. We develop residential, commercial, institutional and service projects of the most diverse scales, from condominium areas to hotel developments, encompassing architectural solutions to operational and FF&E needs.

Project Compatibility

Architectural solutions aimed at the compatibility of architectural design with other design disciplines. We operate with a holistic view throughout all stages of the project, applying our design process developed over years of experience in the development of multidisciplinary projects in BIM. The result is complete and harmonic projects, which meet the requirements of the enterprise, presenting architectural solutions to every detail of the enterprise.

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Structure Funding for your Project

Unsecured cash exposure coverage. We study and define the operating parameters in accordance with the project's information and indicators, always respecting the developer's projections and seeking to meet their cash needs.

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