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Wert Estada & Co


Multifamily Residential Building


Gramado, RS, BR


Under construction


2022 - 2023

Located in a bucolic neighborhood with traditional architecture, the volume of the building aims to relate to its surroundings without losing its contemporary character.

OSPA Gorjeio IMG (2).jpg

The construction is positioned set back on the lot, creating a promenade beneath the Araucaria trees that are so common in the context of Serra Gaúcha.

With six distinct apartments, the program is divided into four rotated volumes, allowing not only greater privacy between the units but also different views of the lush flora in the vicinity.

The staggered floors facilitate the creation of private terraces while accommodating the typical regional roofing.

Vertical planes serve as protagonists, emphasizing the compositional strategy. The use of natural stone dialogues with the existing context without compromising the expected performance of contemporary constructions.

Among these stone elements, a neutral palette of finishes is adopted, giving hierarchy to the ensemble. Linear flower boxes nod to the vegetation of the site, creating another connection between the building and its surroundings.

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On the ground floor, there is a party hall directly linked to the open front area of the lot, providing views to the street and expanding usage possibilities. Additionally, on the same level, a more secluded spa offers a contrasting experience for the residents.