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Latitude Incorp.


Multifamily Residential Building


Porto Alegre, RS, BR


Under construction


2020 - 2023

The Rio Branco neighborhood, in addition to its proximity to Farroupilha Park, features tree-lined streets that encourage walkability and the use of public spaces.

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With the aim of bringing the street atmosphere into the development, the proposal is based on the premise of permeability and activation of the ground floor.

The building’s design seeks to engage with its surroundings by aligning with existing structures. The dynamic façade language sets this development apart from neighboring buildings and adds vitality to its overall form.

The separation of apartment blocks creates central courtyards that allow natural light to reach all spaces, including the condominium hallways.

The communal leisure area, located on the rooftop, takes advantage of terraces and views above the neighborhood’s tree canopies.


The apartments are designed with floor-to-ceiling windows that maximize both visual permeability and natural lighting and ventilation.

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While the facade grid provides regularity to the building, the uneven stagger of each third ensures that each apartment is unique.

Additionally, this staggered arrangement allows all unit types to have open spaces, whether in terraces along the building’s length or in garden areas.

The privileged sun exposure is utilized for the pool’s positioning, while the gourmet space connects to an external area that enhances the overall quality of the environment.