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Mixed-use Complex




Multifamily Residential Building




Under development


2022 - 2023

The mixed-use development was conceived within the premises of a traditional golf club in the city. Its purpose is twofold: to reclaim the historical relevance of the club in society and to revitalize the region, which currently falls short of its full potential. The complex encompasses residential units, hospitality facilities, retail spaces, and the restructuring of existing club buildings.

The project is organized into three main sectors: Mixed-use, Club, and Residential.


The initial interaction with the complex occurs through the mixed-use building, whose access has been modified to accommodate various vehicular and pedestrian flows. This strategy aims to activate the front space of the lot at different times, whether through ground-floor shops or the hotel component within the tower.

The building’s volumetrics establish a connection with the existing structures through two key movements: stepping, which aligns with the height of the pre-existing house, and bending, which guides the observer toward the interior of the complex.

Historic buildings have been preserved because of their emotional significance and relevance to club members. The decision to retain them alongside the new constructions reinforces the commitment to preserving the club’s history recorded on its grounds. These structures will house common spaces for both condominium residents and club members.


One of the pre-existing buildings follows a modernist style, featuring a regular structure that allows unobstructed use of its interior. This building houses various indoor facilities, including a heated pool, sauna, massage rooms, gym, children’s playroom, game room, and a large event hall.

Within the club’s perimeter lies a scenic lake that attracts attention from the entire city. The vision for this area is to enhance the space and enable direct interaction with the water, while minimally impacting the natural landscape. Two structures contribute to this space: the barbecue pavilion and the open-air swimming pool.


Adjacent to the lake’s edge stands a building equipped with barbecue facilities and meeting spaces. Currently, this structure is significantly deteriorated and requires special attention to its structural integrity. The project preserves the original layout, function, and morphology, while updating the materials and systems to restore the building’s usability, accommodating up to three simultaneous events.

The area surrounding the barbecue pavilion includes outdoor amenities, such as playgrounds and sports courts, along with improved accessibility.