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Alfa Residences


ABF Developments


Multifamily Residential Building


Porto Alegre, RS, BR


Under construction


2022 - 2023

Located at the highest point of the Três Figueiras neighborhood, the architecture is born from the reading of the urban and natural context of the site, establishing a relationship with the typology of the neighborhood through the front façade and opening space for the growth of one of the historical fig trees in the neighborhood on its rear façade.

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Through this gesture, the building separates into two bars and configures a large internal courtyard that articulates the condominium areas of the development.

The resulting volumetricity becomes sculptural in itself and promotes, through the staggering, terraces for all units, providing the extension of the internal space and creating a direct relationship between interior and exterior.

Configured through two inclined bars between them, the building is distributed over 5 floors and a basement.

In contact with the sidewalk, a large area is dedicated to condominium use, containing a gourmet, fitness, as well as the operating areas of the development. Already on the rear façade of the ground floor, 14 garden units were allocated.

From the 2nd to the 4th floors, another 79 units are divided between the front and rear façades, 23 of which are duplex apartments with one bedroom.

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On the rooftop, to crown the building, a large open-air square is formed contemplating a series of common uses and lots of vegetation.