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Linx Hotel


Ivo Rizzo Construtora e Incorporadora




Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BR




2011 - 2013

Architectural project for an executive hotel, located at the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro Antônio Carlos Jobim, RJ, on land with an area of 4,800.00 m² and a built area of approximately 10,000 m². As it is located next to the airport, within the Infraero area, the main target audience is tourists, executives and people in transit.

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The hotel's activities are spread over two distinct buildings, one for social and service areas (volume 1 - annex), and the other for apartments (volume 2), both of which are connected by two walkways on the first two floors. Due to the height limitation due to the proximity to the airport, the volume of apartments extends to the ground floor, in order to optimize the hotel operation, increasing the number of available units.

Volume 1 has two floors. At the front of the ground floor and on the second floor (mezzanine and terrace) are the social areas of the hotel. At the back of the ground floor is the service area.

A covered port cochére leads guests to the hotel lobby, in volume 1, which has a reception desk, lounges, internet access desks for guest use, restaurant and café, in its social area. On the mezzanine floor (second floor), there is access to the terrace, which has a pool with two swimming lanes, lounge areas, bar/restaurant, gym and changing rooms.

In addition, two meeting rooms were rented – one on the ground floor and the other on the mezzanine floor. Walkways on the ground floor and on the mezzanine floor take guests to volume 2, where the elevator hall and apartments are located.

Volume 2 houses a total of 162 apartments, spread over six floors – from the ground floor to the fifth floor.

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Each floor consists of a laundry room, social and service elevators, two stairs for emergency exits and 27 apartments, with the extremity apartments (front and back) being larger, and nine of them also cater for people with special needs. .

Given the limited timeframe for carrying out the work, the structure of the hotel is predominantly made of precast concrete, the sealing is made using prefabricated concrete panels and the bathrooms were supplied in ready-made modules.