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University Campus,

located in

Canoas, Brazil

Although the lot is small, we plan a campus with constant activity and public and fluid space. The Campus Igara is aimed at sport activities, thus, it is necessary to distribute classrooms, sport courts and social areas in the lot in a way that the space is safe and allows not only the carrying out of the activities, but also the mobility as well as the integration of the streets at the back and in the front of the campus. Thinking of such mobility, the court is elevated and the space below is used to host the remaining academic functions, such as the classrooms. The turnstiles, which restrict the access, were placed in the entrance of each building, leaving the campus open and free for people to use it. The premise of the Project is to articulate urban relations, making it more than a public institution, a public space.





PROGRAM Institutional

LOCATION Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

STATUS Design completed

YEAR 2014

PROJECT AREA 26.385,00 sqm

SITE AREA 24.000,00 sqm



MANAGER Carolina F. Souza Pinto

ARCHITECTURE Carolina F. Souza Pinto, Lucas Obino, Cristiano Selbach Carneiro, Franco Miotto, Aline Taís Comiran, Ellen Renata Bernardi, Augusto Tumelero and Matheus Lorenzet


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