Residential Building,

located in Porto Alegre, Brazil


Close to the borders of the site, the exposed concrete volume releases all the front of the lot for the apartments. Therefore, all the residential units have the social area oriented towards the front, with views of the street and of a great square. The private area, in its turn, receives the morning sun and it's protected by the excavated ground, now covered by vegetation. The large glass panels at all the rooms reassures the entry of natural light, letting the apartments adequately ventilated and illuminated. The reduced number of units provides a great tranquility and privacy for the residents. On the façade, the alternance between the duplex apartments gives a particular character to the building at the same time that turns each apartment into unique. The metallic brise-soleil protects the rooms from the incidence of direct sunlight and provides security. Furthermore, they can be fully retracted, which increases the sense of freedom and the connection with the exterior. Lastly, the entrance of the building stands out: it is punctuated by its geometry and materiality, which give it a welcoming and compelling expression.



DEVELOPER  EZZO Incorporadora


PROGRAM  Residential Building

LOCATION  Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

PROJECT AREA  435.60 sqm

SITE AREA  1,127.0 sqm




FEASIBILITY  Lucas Obino, Cristiano Selbach Carneiro, Rodrigo Rocha


BUSINESS MANAGER  Carolina F. Souza Pinto

PROJECT LEADER  Aline Taís Comiran

PROJECT SPECIALISTS  Carolina F. Souza Pinto, Cristiano Selbach Carneiro

ARCHITECTURE  Aline Taís Comiran, Franco Miotto, Ellen Renata Bernardi, Augusto Tumelero, Daniela Yumi Yoshimoto, Guilherme Silva, Laura Aurvalle, Rodrigo Rocha

LANDSCAPE  Aline Taís Comiran, Daniela Yumi Yoshimoto

PLUMBING ENGINEERING; FIRE PROTECTION  Fernando Chiapinotto, Rafaela Jung, Wagner Ellwanger

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING  Fernando Chiapinotto, Fillipe Figueiró

STRUCTURE  Paulo Stumm