located in Estância Velha, BR


The site is located in Estância Velha, Porto Alegre metropolitan area. This lot has a particularity, it faces two streets with direct connection to green areas. We propose to occupy the ground floor in a central band, side to side, in order to optimize the open spaces that face those visuals. The built parcel was conceived as a natural extension of the two frontyards, allowing for free flux in between them. In the second floor, the bedrooms are located around a empty central void. The atrium connect the social areas with the more private rooms on the upper floor. The overhead volume's is rotated to create two covered varandas in the ground, two open terraces above, as well as orient the bedrooms views towards the nature. The project’s materiality and architecture priveleges the use of industrialized sistems, such as steel structure, drywall and steel framing. The design seek to take advantage of the prefabricated elements, pointing out their natural states identities.