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Canela, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Louis Kahn said: "You say to a brick, 'What do you want, brick? ' And brick says to you, 'I like an arch." The majority of the bricks we interviewed said they'd rather be part of a household. Four walls and a roof. We guess they were older, more mature bricks, ready to settle down... 

The floor plan is characterized by 4 parallel lines. The four brick walls. The major spaces are configured by these walls: The garage, kitchen, living room and master bedroom. The two others bedrooms, required by the client, rest on the concrete slab over the kitchen, in a dark rectangular volume. The ensemble is crowned with a metallic angled roof, a legislation demand, that provides a double height living room. The contrast between the rustic, imperfect brick and the sharp, straight metallic sheeting is one clear highlight of the design.

The structural solution is straight-forward: The concrete slabs are supported by the brick walls. As we know, bricks perform better under compressive stress (as opposed to traction). Again, is a matter of using the materials where they aspire to be. We guess Khan was right after all.

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