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Wert estada & co


Multifamily Residential Building


Gramado, RS, BR


Under construction


2022 - 2023

When we look at the Bavária neighborhood, we see an inviting atmosphere, small and friendly buildings, with strong markings on the roofs, low walls and abundant flora.

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The nest

All this made us think that our building could be like a “nest”, which, while gently touching the tree, respecting what already exists, proposes a new dwelling with great construction technology.

Thus was born Gorjeio, from a respectful relationship between a contemporary building and the context of the neighbourhood.

The implantation of the building is established beyond the limit of the setback, in a gesture of respect for the vegetation of permanent preservation, from this, it starts from the rotation of 4 volumes, each one turning to a direction of the rose of the winds, to make use of the visual freedom of the neighborhood and increase the privacy of each block.

These premises of privacy and visual freedom are reinforced with the apartment's private terraces and the insertion of plans, which go beyond the limit of the habitable space, directing the field of vision and creating gables, which, in addition to marking the spatial limits of each block, help to create the privacy of the terraces.


In addition, floor/ceiling openings, with large markings on the terraces, allow a great entry of natural light and at the same time provide views of the bucolic life of the neighborhood.

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For the building's envelope, we sought to bring materials that could communicate with the natural aspect of the neighborhood and at the same time be up-to-date with the technology of its time.