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iO Petrópolis


Wikihaus Inc.


Multifamily Residential Building


Porto Alegre, RS, BR


Under Construction


2020 - 2022

The building is the fourth iO - Inside Outside product of OSPA's architectural project, in partnership with Wikihaus curatorship.


The neighbourhood

The development is located in the city of Porto Alegre, in the Petrópolis neighborhood, a region characterized by mostly residential buildings, areas with large trees and considerable neighborhood trade, such as markets, flower shops and restaurants.

Through staggering, the development explores the building's relationship with the surroundings: with fewer floors at the front, reading from the street takes place on a more human scale, highlighting it from the others.

The terraces generated by this operation enhance the private area, giving the units open spaces that act as intermediaries between urbanity and intimate life.

The development has 9 floors of apartments, accessed by elevators and stairs; the condominium circulations are located in the center of the building.

In all, there are 38 apartments, 20 studios, 3 apartments with 1 bedroom and 15 apartments with 2 bedrooms.


Of these, 7 apartments have a private terrace, and 5 apartments have gardens, which enhance the space and experience of the resident.

The social areas of the apartments were designed with frames that increase visual permeability and amplify natural lighting and ventilation.