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iO Boa Vista


Wikihaus Inc.


Multifamily Residential Building


Porto Alegre, RS, BR




2021 - 2023

In Porto Alegre, in the Boa Vista neighborhood, the iO Boa Vista represents the third development in the “iO Inside Outside” line, resulting from a partnership between OSPA and Wikihaus Inc.


The project consists of studio apartments and units with 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. The building’s volumetry is staggered from the sixth floor, allowing several units to enjoy terraces. This strategy aims to maximize private areas, offer different apartment typologies, and minimize the impact of construction on the immediate surroundings.

To integrate the internal and external environments, eaves for fire protection are positioned on all floors, freeing the facade walls to accommodate large windows.

In the terrace apartments, generous openings allow social areas to extend into the uncovered area, according to residents’ preferences.

On the ground floor, a party room offers views of the city, promoting interaction between private and public spaces. When no events are taking place, this area serves as an extension of the social hall, available for occasional use.


The base facade features a wooden panel that spans the entire frontage of the lot. This element serves multiple purposes: providing solar control and privacy for common areas as needed, while also mimicking vehicle access points and enhancing natural ventilation in the parking area.

Under construction

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