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GHC School


Grupo Hospitalar Conceição


Institutional Headquarters


Porto Alegre, RS, BR




2013 - 2019

The headquarters building of the GHC School - Center for Technological Education and Health Research of the Hospitalar Conceição Group - brings together all the school's activities in a single building, improving the infrastructure for the installation of new and modern equipment and enabling the expansion of current activities.

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This brings relevant contributions to health advances in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, since Grupo Hospitalar Conceição's services are 100% focused on the Unified Health System (SUS). The land has a corner with an acute angle, therefore, from the beginning of the project, ways were sought to occupy it without creating barriers.

Whoever approaches the corner, both on Av. Grecia and on Av. Francisco Trein, has a large free visual field, which increases the safety of the place and makes the journey much more pleasant. Also, for those in a hurry, it is possible to take a shortcut through the school's access square.

This covered access square, slightly raised above ground level on the corner, separates heavy traffic from pedestrian access. This creates an area not only for access, but also a public square, which can be used by the entire population. The cafeteria, located on the ground floor of the building, also makes use of this covered square, making it a place for students and teachers to meet.

The project has an auditorium, library, classrooms, laboratories, administrative and support areas, in addition to the study area and terrace. The spaces are distributed over seven floors, plus a technical floor.

The building has numerous sustainability features, such as solar protection on the facades, reducing energy and air conditioning consumption, natural ventilation and lighting exploited to the maximum, vegetated coverage, use of rainwater, all LED lighting and automation and monitoring of all systems, which promises a high level of energy efficiency and advanced resources in controlling the use and maintenance of the building.