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Urbe Participações


Multifamily Residential Building


Porto Alegre, RS, BR


Construction documents


2019 - 2020

In a consolidated area of the city of Porto Alegre, the entrepreneur requested a proposal from OSPA for the use of a small-sized plot of land.

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After analyzing the properties in the area, it was identified that the surroundings were mainly composed of commercial spaces and conventional apartments, although the location had all the urban conditions to accommodate compact units.

Therefore, the proposal consists of a set of apartments for short and medium stays, focusing on serving an audience that wants to be close to the services in the region, such as commercial, institutional, and healthcare areas, without the need for a permanent commitment.

On the ground floor, creating a connection between the residential areas and the city, there is a cafeteria open to the external public, with large openings to the street and continuous paving between the indoor and outdoor spaces, using Portuguese stone.

These choices create a kind of square that extends from the sidewalk to the back of the lot, intentionally blurring the boundaries between the public area, cafeteria, and the development’s lobby.

On the front facade of the building, linear flower boxes and wide sliding windows establish a direct link with the green surroundings, which also stands out for its excellent walkability.

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