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Urbe Participações


Multifamily Residential Building


Porto Alegre, RS, BR


Construction documents


2019 - 2020

The client approached us with the land asking us what our opinion would be regarding the type of development that should be carried out on the site.

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After a study of the surroundings, we came to the conclusion that the neighborhood has conventional apartments and commercial spaces in abundance, is located in a relatively central area with good walkability rates and a terribly pleasant neighborhood.

Our problem then became understanding what kind of program would be able to take advantage of the potential of immediacy, be relatively unique and attractive in order to be a successful venture and bring something interesting to the street.

The bet was on Lofts of reduced length for short and medium-stay with a commercial ground floor.

Due to the small size of the land, the ground floor is configured in such a way that the commercial area merges with the lobby of the building which, thanks to a large swinging glass door, blends in with the street.

At the street-entrance-lobby-cafe, the floor covering on the ground floor was thought of as a sidewalk paving (Portuguese stone) reinforcing the notion of continuity.

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Locating and sizing the circulation core was essential for sizing the units. Two units per floor, organized in the most efficient way to have a living room and bedroom area.

The floor plan is divided into four sectors: Kitchen, Living, Bedroom and Bath. On the fifth floor are the duplexes, with social spaces on the first floor and intimate spaces on the mezzanine.