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Gralhas House




Single-family Residential


Canela, RS, BR




2019 - 2022

Louis Kahn said, "You ask a brick, 'What do you want to be, brick?' and the brick replies, 'I like bows'. Most bricks we interviewed said they would like to make a home. Four walls and a roof. We think they were older, more mature bricks. With the intention of settling down.

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The ground floor plan is characterized by four parallel lines. The four brick walls. The main spaces are configured by these partitions: The garage, kitchen, living room and master suite.

The other two suites, requested by the client, rest on the concrete slab above the kitchen, in a dark rectangular volume. The set is crowned by an angled metallic roof, a requirement of the legislation, which creates a double-height room.

The contrast between the rustic, imperfect brick and the straight, artificial metal sheets is a clear highlight of the project.

The structural solution is quite simple. Concrete slabs rest against solid brick walls. As is known, bricks resist compressive (as opposed to tensile) stresses better.

Completed work

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