Institutional Headquarters,

located in São José dos Pinhais, Brazil


The building annexed to the City Council of São José dos Pinhais is developed to accommodate parliamentary offices and support for the development of the activities in the interior of the building. The public building is connected to the existing square at the back of the lot through the opening of the auditorium. The relation happens because the ambience was thought of in a way that it can be open to the street; thus, it is possible to carry out events integrating both spaces. As an urban gesture, the main entrance is backward, creating a square area in front of the building.


DEVELOPER São José dos Pinhais City Council

PROGRAM Institutional Headquarters

LOCATION São José dos Pinhais, Paraná, Brazil

STATUS Design completed

YEAR  2014 - 

PROJECT AREA 4,992.81 sqm

SITE AREA 858.32 sqm


MANAGER Cristiano Selbach Carneiro

ARCHITECTURE Carolina Souza Pinto, Lucas Obino, Cristiano Selbach Carneiro, Franco Miotto, Aline Taís Comiran, Augusto Tumelero, Bruna Benner, Catherine Capellari, Eduardo Kopittke, Manoela Conte, Ellen Renata Bernardi.


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