Residential Building,

located in Porto Alegre, Brazil




Located in Três Figueiras neighborhood, the project consists of 16 apartments facing the street. The apartments on the top floor are duplex. The architectural design approach aims to consolidate a volume that plays with the land's geometry, the street's lines and the immediate surroundings scale. The staggered distribution of the fair-faced concrete blocks establishes a continuity with the topography and ensures a greater utilization of the balcony areas - all the apartments have border-less pool. Resulting from the generative process, all the units have a unique character and different views within a homogeneous and dynamic ensemble. On the ground floor, the common areas are allocated close to the street, maintaining a constant dialogue with the sidewalk through the perforated corten steel panels.

Cap. 1 Três Figueiras is a project that offers living with the host without distancing oneself from the city. The standard typology of the neighborhood is not ignored: four terrains come, four staggered volumes are proposed, respecting a surrounding morphology. Each volume is fragmented into each unit, each in format, functioning as hanging houses. The series of land invites residents for outdoor use, each of which is an extension of the living space of the apartment. The inside and the para blend as needed. The generous common areas are positioned facing the street, and users' privacy is regulated at will. A humanitarian proposal is the constructive honesty, later to the mind of thinking of resident: sophistication without ostentation.