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Wine Park & Hospitality


Vale dos Vinhedos, Bento Gonçalves, RS, BR






Amidst the landscape of Vale dos Vinhedos, in Bento Gonçalves, is Bewine, an enterprise that combines entertainment and accommodation in an immersive wine experience.

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Wine Park

The project concept sought a smooth insertion of the built space into the natural and historical landscapes of Vale dos Vinhedos - in order to qualify the region, without harming the visibility and pattern of the valleys. The project consists of two buildings: the Wine Park and the Resort.

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The park is developed in a bar building, in an organic and spiral shape, adapting to the contours of the terrain and referring to the movement that the wine makes in the glass when it is served or tasted.

The landscape design is developed on two levels: the first, at ground level, involving the public, architecture and landscape in the heart of the park. Lines emerge that direct the gaze, both towards the Vale do Vinhedos and towards the interior of the park, with the intention of integrating natural and built elements.