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Public Transportation,

located in

Canoas, Brazil

From the definition of the route of the Guajuviras Aeromóvel line in Canoas, they are deployed as stations along the elevated road. The positioning of each of the nine structures is defined from the beginning of the users' access and rest demand, the vehicle kinematics and the built environment. As a project premise, each of the operations is aimed at occupying the ground floor, and is not a temporary and effective measure for space by the citizens. Taking advantage of the road rearrangement, it is presented together with a structure that supports the dual carriageway, a bike path from the center of the guajuviras neighborhood to the BR-116 highway.

DEVELOPER Aeromovel Brasil S/A


PROGRAM Private Public Transportation 

LOCATION Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

STATUS Design completed

YEAR 2010 - 2013



MANAGER Carolina F. Souza Pinto


ARCHITECTURE Carolina F. Souza Pinto, Lucas Obino, Cristiano Selbach Carneiro, Franco Miotto, Aline Taís Comiran, Ellen Renata Bernardi, Augusto Tumelero, Graziela Venzon, Guilherme Silva, Mateus Sartori, Matheus Bragagnolo, Matheus Lorenzet, Rodrigo Rocha, Luiza Andreis and Manoela Conte

ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS Ellen Renata Bernardi and Franco Miotto

PLUMBING ENGINEERING Carolina F. Souza Pinto and Rafaela Jung

FIRE PROTECTION Luana Ravanello and Fernando Chiapinotto




STRUCTURE ENGINEERING Carlos Leal Engenheiros Consultores LTDA